Can you blend ice in the blender?2020-10-08T20:02:30-07:00

Yes, the BevRev Blender (with metal blades) is designed to handle blending both ice and frozen fruit as long as you have filled the jar at least half way with liquid at the same time. While the Blender can crush ice independent of the liquid, it is not recommended or covered by our warranty. The liquid will support breaking up the ice and blending frozen fruit to the point that it will expose more frozen surface area in the liquid. This increases the ability to freeze the liquid in the jar into a mixture that can become as thick as ice cream. This is the goal of many, but if not your goal, give it a few minutes to thaw, and continue mixing.

Can you make baby food in the BevRev Blender (with metal blades) or Mixer (with propeller)?2020-10-08T20:06:51-07:00

NO. Do not attempt to make baby food in the BevRev Blender (with metal blades). It is possible for food to come out of the blender that is too big for an infant, baby, or toddler to chew or swallow. A grape is too dangerous, and any size near. So please do not trust that all food is baby-safe when blended in the BevRev Blender (with metal blades). If you have no choice, please pour through a strainer before feeding an infant or baby or child in question. We do not recommend giving a smoothie to an infant or baby.

The Mixer is designed for liquids and powders only. If using only powders and liquids according to the directions of the product, then the propeller blade on the mixer will blend safely. Do not add fruit, ice, or anything else.

Why aren’t the blades removable? I can’t clean the inside.2020-10-08T20:07:51-07:00

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this was done intentionally for 2 reasons. (1) First, our market research has shown us that almost 45% of all internal mixing balls, springs, or agitators go missing within the first year. (2) The second reason is that these blades are too sharp to touch in the jar, and even more dangerous when out of the jar. While other products have sharp blades that are removable, this shape is not conducive to holding due to its irregular design. Therefore to protect you and those you love, we have decided to keep blades permanently fixed inside.

If cleaning is difficult, please try using a toothbrush or bottle brush cleaner to clean difficult-to-reach areas. The dish washer should support deep cleaning, or add soap, and soak overnight.

Is the blender TSA approved?2020-10-08T20:08:40-07:00

While the BevRev Mixer (with Propeller) is safe to take on an airplane, DO NOT take the Blender (With Metal Blades) to the airport manually or in your carry-on luggage at all. TSA should remove this if they find it. Their regulations do not allow for sharp objects like this, regardless of whether or not they are removable or not. Please pack in your check-in suitcase and check your bags. It is still lighter and easier to travel with than a plug-in blender.

Can I make soup with my BevRev blender?2020-10-08T20:09:20-07:00

Yes, you can make soup, but do not use hot liquid. You can cook your soup, cool, then blend. Or you can chop food in the blender, add liquid, and puree, then pour into a pan to heat. But you should never put hot liquid into the blender and attempt to blend or shake. This could cause the lid to release, come loose, or squirt hot liquid which can burn you or others, and cause great harm.

Can I chop nuts and hard dried fruits in the blender for baking?2020-10-08T20:10:03-07:00

Yes, the blades are designed to chop nuts into very tiny particles, small enough to drink in a smoothie. Dried fruits can also be cut, but they will stick to the blades, and they are difficult to remove without soaking or washing in the dishwasher. We do not recommend blending sticky ingredients without a lot of liquid. The combination of the 2 ingredients will give you a sticky result that will be hard to get out of the jar. Use a chopstick to loosen, or turn upside down and spin the rubber wheel to release.

Will the blender cut marijuana into a smokable tobacco, or be used for cooking?2020-10-08T20:11:02-07:00

I have not tested this, but I am inclined to say yes from my experience with fresh herbs and spices. I would recommend a thorough cleaning with soap and water after each use as some flavor may reside in the jar.

Can I mix protein powder in the blender, or fruit in the Mixer?2020-10-08T20:11:40-07:00

Both the BevRev Mixer and the BevRev Blender are designed to mix protein powder and liquid only. The blades at the bottom of the Blender have a slight “pitch” to them, which will send the liquid up and down in the jar while blending. The reason we created the BevRev Mixer (with propeller) was to supply a stronger way of mixing just protein powders and liquids for those who do not want to add anything else to their protein shakes. Also, some vegan protein powders are heavier, and settle to the bottom. Many strong protein powder regimes do not allow the addition of other ingredients so they can control sugars and carbs. The Mixer (with propeller) is perfect for this. The Mixer allows for heavier ingredients like yogurts, which some people use to add flavor to their protein powder blends.

The propeller will not blend fruits, ice, or frozen fruits. Powders and liquids only.

I cannot get my hand around the jar, even with the strap. And when I use 2 hands, I still cannot mix anything? This doesn’t work for me. Can I still get a refund?2020-10-08T20:12:25-07:00

This BevRev jar is similar in size to most blender cups and shakers. But since it is used to spin on a flat surface, it may not be accommodating to everyone. We want to create happy and healthy consumers, so please call us to discuss. (844) 500-7382.

Here are 2 solutions for you if it is hard to roll back and forth. (1) First is to twist the bottom wheel with your opposite hand until you can feel that it has chopped a lot of the food inside, and the wheel starts spinning easier. The blades are designed to chop food into smaller parts at the top of the jar first. As they get smaller, they fall to the bottom where they get pureed. (2) the second solution is to put in only half of the ingredients at a time. Put in half of the fruit, and half of the liquid, and then blend in 2 stages. It is much easier to roll and blend when less full.

Is the Blender supposed to completely puree everything into liquid? I still get chunks that I have to chew, so maybe I am doing something wrong.2020-10-08T20:13:13-07:00

Great question. In a perfect world, our non-electric Blender would puree everything into a perfect liquid. But not even an electric blender can make that claim. Given that we all have different strengths, hand sizes, and tastes, the blends will also be different. Occasionally there are some larger pieces of fruit that do not completely blend. Strawberries are hard sometimes because they float in water, and do not hit the blades as often. Same with ice. But as you drink, the liquid lowers closer to the blades, and you can continue to roll on a flat surface until you get your desired puree. Many people like a slight chew, like fruit-at-the-bottom, and others don’t. But as you get more experience with the BevRev, you will master the technique, and will be able to control your perfect blend almost every time.